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Information about the data

The “Criminal Aura Graph” illustrates the resources flowing across criminal networks that have operated or currently operate worldwide. The illustrated cases were modeled and analyzed through protocols and algorithms designed and developed by Vortex Foundation, and are based on public judicial records or media information.

Technologies developed by Vortex Foundation allow translating massive volumes of qualitative information into visualizations of criminal networks and their trafficked resources.

With more criminal networks analyzed the Graph will reveal the global “criminal aura”, meaning the most important types of criminal markets operating in each region.

Although the data has been entirely consolidated and analyzed by Vortex Foundation, the javascript for the 3D Globe is based in an open source project originally produced by the Google Data Arts Team as part of the Ideas INFO summit, and is currently licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

The size of the colored animated spheres circulating along the arcs represents the recorded amount of imports and exports of each trafficked resource.