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    It is uncertain whether the Middle Eastern channel previously described was used as a ‘corridor’ or if the medicines in question were manufactured locally or both. In fact, it is difficult to trace with any certainty the ‘overall path’ taken by the counterfeit medicines as the counterfeit Avastin then went back and forth between Turkey and Egypt, before the products were sold to a Swiss wholesaler (Hadicon AG) then a Danish one (CareMed ApS).

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    44026 Hadicon AG in Zug CareMed Economic - Supplying counterfeit medicine to

    This diagram starts in Switzerland: “one of the intermediaries involved in the trade, Hadicon AG in Zug, lodged an official complaint to the Public Prosecutor of the canton. Hadicon is alleged to have ordered the drug in Egypt, from a company called ‘SAWA for importing and exporting’. The merchandise is then said to have been stored in a warehouse in the free port of Zurich before being sent on to Denmark, from where the firm CareMed sent it to the UK, the last stop before the US”.