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    The problem showed up more clearly when a British wholesaler, Richard’s Pharma Ltd, bought 120 packs of counterfeit Avastin from a Turkish wholesaler and exported 38 of them to the United States. .167 The medicines were then bought by American doctors through a company belonging to Thomas Haughton called Montana Healthcare Solutions. Finally, it should be explained that Haughton's brother-in-law, Kris Thorkelson, a pharmacist based in Winnipeg in Canada, distributed medicines by Internet to American consumers on the website and was investigated even though it did not sell Avastin.

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    44051 Quality speciality products X Economic - Supplying counterfeit medicine to

    The FDA letters identified several suspect
    distributors (Clinical Care, Quality
    Speciality Products, Montana Health Care
    Solutions, Bridgewater Medical, Volunteer
    Distribution, River East Supplies, Richard’s
    Pharma [trading as Richard’s Services],
    Warwick Healthcare Solutions, Ban Dune
    Marketing), none of which were authorized
    to distribute Avastin.