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The "Lava Jato" operation is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering that Brazil has ever had. It is estimated that the volume of resources diverted from the Petrobras' coffers, the state's largest company, reaches the billions of reais. On the criminal scheme were involved politicians from the Partido Trabalhista Brasilero, Partido Renovador Trabalhista/PRT, Partido Progressista Brasileiro (PPB), Partido dos Trabalhadores, Partido del Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, Partido da República, Partido da Mobilização Nacional/PMN; businessmen and executives of relevant companies in Brazil, including Construtora Norberto Odebrecht; and currency exchange operators that diverted, laundered and paid bribes to public officials, using black market channels, offshore accounts, and facade companies.


Actors in this Network

Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
RHEA COMERCIAL INC Private - Offshore Company 77723.5738698830 535905.6806002100
FRANCISCO DE ASSIS E SILVA Private - Lawyer 77147.4725251130 321543.4083601300
IDELFONSO COLARES Private - Businessperson 74376.4685503760 321543.4083601300
FABIO LUIS LULA DA SILVA Private - Businessperson 73092.2295761730 535905.6806002100
PARTIDO SOCIALISTA BRASILEÑO (PSB) Public - Political Party 72707.3088090040 428724.5444801700
DIRETORIA DE ABASTECIMENTO DA PETROBRAS Public - Petrobras Area 72157.5888893910 1286173.6334404999
CONSORCIO FSTP PTE LTD Private - Brazilian Consortioum 71713.6420496450 428724.5444801700
LEANDRO MEIRELLES Third party 69269.0675854500 643086.8167202600
ALBERTO QUINTAES Public - Civil servant 68655.7277507140 535905.6806002100
PRS Private - Brazilian Company 68310.7240936750 214362.2722400900
VANTAGE DEEPWATER COMPANY Private - Offshore Company 68195.7228746630 321543.4083601300
Maritima Private - Brazilian Company 68195.7228746630 214362.2722400900
FERNANDO ANTONIO GUIMARAES HOURNEAUX DE MOURA Bribe operator 68195.7228746630 321543.4083601300
EIT Private - Brazilian Company 68195.7228746630 428724.5444801700
EDINHO SILVA Public - Civil servant 68169.8992473140 535905.6806002100
TAIWAN MARITIME TRANSPORTATION CO. Private - Offshore Company 68080.7216556500 643086.8167202600
LINDBERG FARIAS Public - Civil servant 68080.7216556500 428724.5444801700
CONSORCIO ANDRADE GUTIERREZ MENDES JUNIOR E KTY Private - Brazilian Consortioum 68080.7216556500 428724.5444801700
RICARDO SAUD Public - Civil servant 68080.7216556490 428724.5444801700
JORGE LUZ Private - Businessperson 67965.7204366370 321543.4083601300