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The "Lava Jato" operation is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering that Brazil has ever had. It is estimated that the volume of resources diverted from the Petrobras' coffers, the state's largest company, reaches the billions of reais. On the criminal scheme were involved politicians from the Partido Trabalhista Brasilero, Partido Renovador Trabalhista/PRT, Partido Progressista Brasileiro (PPB), Partido dos Trabalhadores, Partido del Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, Partido da República, Partido da Mobilização Nacional/PMN; businessmen and executives of relevant companies in Brazil, including Construtora Norberto Odebrecht; and currency exchange operators that diverted, laundered and paid bribes to public officials, using black market channels, offshore accounts, and facade companies.


Actors in this Network

Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
CONSORCIO INTERPAR Private - Brazilian Consortioum 420726.7111985200 1286173.6334404999
RENE LUIZ PEREIRA Criminal - Drug Trafficker 418671.5212514600 1714898.1779207001
MPE MONTAGENS E PROJETOS ESPECIAIS Private - Brazilian Company 412676.7809392600 1178992.4973205000
INDUSTRIA LABOGEN Private - Brazilian Company 403086.4221988000 750267.9528403000
OTHON LUIZ PINHEIRO Public - Electronuclear functionary 398539.4240199800 1500535.9056806001
CARLOS ALBERTO PEREIRA Private - Lawyer 394929.6271158200 535905.6806002100
PIROQUIMICA COMERCIAL LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 394651.0572991100 643086.8167202600
MARICE CORREA DE LIMA Third party 392062.9585935900 428724.5444801700
ANTONIO PALOCCI FILHO Public - Civil servant 387960.7524020700 428724.5444801700
ARBOR CONSULTORIA AND ASSESSORIA CONTABIL Private - Brazilian Company 383605.5980555600 857449.0889603400
DILMA ROUSSEFF Public - Former President of Brazil 350500.1493392700 643086.8167202600
CONSORCIO OCCH Private - Brazilian Consortioum 336493.5668318100 535905.6806002100
DELTA CONSTRUCTIONS Private - Brazilian Company 331712.0339843800 1071811.3612003999
POSTO DA TORRE LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 325325.0317786700 643086.8167202600
J&F GROUP Private - Brazilian Company 322256.6077200600 750267.9528403000
FUNDOS DE GOVERNO E LOTERIAS DA CAIXA ECONOMICA FEDERAL Public - Government institution 320315.8740639900 750267.9528403000
CONSORCIO NACIONAL CAMARGO CORREA ­-CNCC Private - Brazilian Company 312507.1754407600 2250803.8585208999
ANGEL SERVICOS TERCEIRIZADOS LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 309370.5491063400 643086.8167202600
MARIO FREDERICO GOES Doleiro - Intermediary 309132.2891425300 643086.8167202600
MARCO ANTONIO DE LUCA Private - Businessperson 297643.9955435900 1178992.4973205000