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The "Lava Jato" operation is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering that Brazil has ever had. It is estimated that the volume of resources diverted from the Petrobras' coffers, the state's largest company, reaches the billions of reais. On the criminal scheme were involved politicians from the Partido Trabalhista Brasilero, Partido Renovador Trabalhista/PRT, Partido Progressista Brasileiro (PPB), Partido dos Trabalhadores, Partido del Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, Partido da República, Partido da Mobilização Nacional/PMN; businessmen and executives of relevant companies in Brazil, including Construtora Norberto Odebrecht; and currency exchange operators that diverted, laundered and paid bribes to public officials, using black market channels, offshore accounts, and facade companies.


Actors in this Network

Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
KLIENFELD SERVICES Private - Offshore Company 649126.8392389000 1286173.6334404999
SANKO SIDER E SANKO SERVICIOS Private - Brazilian Company 637154.8058061800 1286173.6334404999
GALVAO ENGENHARIA SA Private - Brazilian Company 629134.8405060900 1393354.7695605999
SETAL OLEO E GAS S/A Private - Brazilian Company 623741.4629957300 2143622.7224009000
SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO Private - Offshore Company 607436.2892830800 643086.8167202600
VANTAGE DRILLING INTERNATIONA CORPORATION Private - Offshore Company 570275.7093294000 1178992.4973205000
SERGIO CABRAL Public - Brazilian Politician 567350.5698912001 2250803.8585208999
LEGEND ENGENHEIROS ASSOCIADOS Private - Brazilian Company 548884.5535864200 750267.9528403000
ROBERTO TEIXEIRA Private - Lawyer 519813.0481357400 750267.9528403000
RICARDO OURIQUES MARQUES Private - Businessperson 510778.5051284100 643086.8167202600
ELIA SANTOS DA HORA Private - Lawyer 485190.1430155200 964630.2250803900
COSTA GLOBAL Private - Brazilian Company 476472.3712764100 964630.2250803900
BORGHI LOWE PROPAGANDA E MARKETING LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 470592.7897806900 1178992.4973205000
EDUARDO COSTA VAZ MUSA Private - Businessperson 467400.9613255700 1607717.0418006000
ADIR ASSAD Bribe operator 466517.0954904800 1178992.4973205000
RICARDO RIBEIRO PESSOA Private - Businessperson 459757.4471904400 1178992.4973205000
BANCO SCHAHIN Bank 440825.5695233300 1178992.4973205000
CONSTRUCTORA CAMARGO CORREA Private - Brazilian Company 433569.5024748500 1393354.7695605999
ROGERIO CUNHA DE OLIVEIRA Private - Businessperson 429831.5269529600 214362.2722400900
IT7 SISTEMAS LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 422437.6763422600 750267.9528403000