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The "Lava Jato" operation is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering that Brazil has ever had. It is estimated that the volume of resources diverted from the Petrobras' coffers, the state's largest company, reaches the billions of reais. On the criminal scheme were involved politicians from the Partido Trabalhista Brasilero, Partido Renovador Trabalhista/PRT, Partido Progressista Brasileiro (PPB), Partido dos Trabalhadores, Partido del Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, Partido da República, Partido da Mobilização Nacional/PMN; businessmen and executives of relevant companies in Brazil, including Construtora Norberto Odebrecht; and currency exchange operators that diverted, laundered and paid bribes to public officials, using black market channels, offshore accounts, and facade companies.


Actors in this Network

Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
PARTIDO DOS TRABALHADORES Public - Political Party 1524189.4245143000 3965702.0364416000
GRUPO QUEIROZ GALVAO Private - Brazilian Company 1452754.5281819000 2679528.4030010998
MO CONSULTORIA Private - Facade Company 1433973.6634861999 2786709.5391211002
SHELLBILL FINANCE S.A Private - Offshore Company 1289083.0611300999 2465166.1307609999
INSTITUTO LUIZ INACIO LULA DA SILVA Private - Brazilian Institution 1257610.8555664001 643086.8167202600
FUNDACAO PETROBRAS DE SEGURIDADE SOCIAL - PETROS Private - Pension Fund 1191534.5004853001 643086.8167202600
PARTIDO PROGRESSISTA BRASILEIRO (PPB) Public - Political Party 1177759.2572391999 3536977.4919614000
MENDES JUNIOR Private - Brazilian Company 1169964.3137542999 1822079.3140407000
BRASKEM Private - Brazilian Company 1010970.9479977000 1393354.7695605999
GFD INVESTIMENTOS Private - Facade Company 930900.5955423400 2357984.9946408998
RAUL HENRIQUE SROUR Private - Businessperson 914259.6911527300 1929260.4501608000
JORGE LUIZ ZELADA Public - Brazilian Politician 873052.3421481400 1500535.9056806001
FUNDACAO DOS ECONOMIARIOS FEDERAIS - FUNCEF Private - Pension Fund 872735.0814398100 428724.5444801700
Consórcio Belo Monte Cartel - Illicit association between companies 855565.2778976500 2143622.7224009000
PEDRO DA SILVA CORREA Public - Brazilian Politician 812830.5326703100 1500535.9056806001
LUIZ SOARES Public - Electronuclear functionary 795666.3184885000 1286173.6334404999
UTC ENGENHARIA S/A Private - Brazilian Company 760603.7280603200 2572347.2668809998
JOAO AUGUSTO REZENDE HENRIQUES Private - Businessperson 712206.9666371200 535905.6806002100
PARTIDO DEL MOVIMIENTO DEMOCRATICO BRASILENO Public - Political Party 697946.8154795200 1178992.4973205000
Delcidio do Amaral Public - Brazilian Politician 650583.6156008100 1178992.4973205000