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The "Lava Jato" operation is the largest investigation of corruption and money laundering that Brazil has ever had. It is estimated that the volume of resources diverted from the Petrobras' coffers, the state's largest company, reaches the billions of reais. On the criminal scheme were involved politicians from the Partido Trabalhista Brasilero, Partido Renovador Trabalhista/PRT, Partido Progressista Brasileiro (PPB), Partido dos Trabalhadores, Partido del Movimiento Democrático Brasileño, Partido da República, Partido da Mobilização Nacional/PMN; businessmen and executives of relevant companies in Brazil, including Construtora Norberto Odebrecht; and currency exchange operators that diverted, laundered and paid bribes to public officials, using black market channels, offshore accounts, and facade companies.


Actors in this Network

Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
PETROLEO BRASILEIRO SA -PETROBRAS Public - Brazilian refinery 11870118.2783780005 9110396.5702036005
ALBERTO YOUSEFF Doleiro - Intermediary 10985255.2605179995 13933547.6956060007
PAULO ROBERTO COSTA Public - Petrobras functionary 5957455.6476097004 10610932.4758839998
JBS Private - Brazilian Company 4335183.3043251997 7931404.0728831999
JOESLEY MENDONCA BATISTA Private - Businessperson 3914243.6011776002 7395498.3922830001
THE CLUBE Cartel - Illicit association between companies 3795824.3677989002 7073954.9839228000
PEDRO BARUSCO  Public - Petrobras functionary 3458906.4406707999 2679528.4030010998
JULIO GERIN DE ALMEIDA CAMARGO Bribe operator 3403083.2189012002 3429796.3558414001
ENGEVIX ENGENHARIA SA Private - Brazilian Company 2603752.3599915998 3429796.3558414001
EDUARDO COSENTINO CUNHA Public - Civil servant 2392985.5678043999 1500535.9056806001
JOAO VACCARI Private - Businessperson 2367144.3741516001 1500535.9056806001
ANDRADE GUTIERREZ Private - Brazilian Company 2323847.2455871999 4180064.3086816999
CONSTRUTORA NORBERTO ODEBRECHT Private - Brazilian Company 2301261.6339292000 4608788.8531617997
NELMA KODAMA PENASSO Doleiro - Intermediary 2222073.5624298002 2679528.4030010998
OAS LTDA Private - Brazilian Company 2221420.8646467999 4072883.1725615999
JOSE JANENE Public - Federal Deputy 2105039.3989130999 4501607.7170417998
RENATO DE SOUZA DUQUE Public - Former Federal Deputy 2050953.1687993000 2572347.2668809998
MITSUI TOYO Private - Brazilian Company 1676171.8641812000 1178992.4973205000
LUIZ INACIO LULA DA SILVA Public - Former President of Brazil 1630274.9739295000 2572347.2668809998
JOSE CARLOS COSTA MARQUES BUMLAI Private - Businessperson 1615525.8863160999 2465166.1307609999