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Manager of software development

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44085 Peer Allan Logistics - Works in

Manager of Software Development (Canada Drugs)
marzo de 2011 – mayo de 2014 (3 años 3 meses)Winnipeg y alrededores, Canadá
As the manager of the software development department I was responsible for:
* The professional development of Software Developers (Junior through Senior)
* The professional development of Team Supervisors
* Project Management of multiple Software Development and IT projects using Agile methodologies
* Reporting the progress of team products to the company
* Enforce development standards and practices used by the development teams
* Perform performance appraisals of team members
* Devise and implement processes to improve the efficiency and productivity of the development teams
* Develop and maintain strong professional relationships with the other departments of the company
* Plan, architect, develop and maintain web applications that support the goals of the business
* Assist the operations team in the planning and implementation of the hardware architecture that supports developed applications
* Plan the future directions of the business applications and websites in coordination with the senior development team