Actor: Paul Bottomery


Relaciones de este actor

ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
44076 Paul Bottomery Rockley Ventures Economic- Sell a company to In October of 2010, BOTTOMLEY sold MHCS to Canada Drugs, Ltd. (hereinafter "Canada Drugs"), an Internet based pharmacy corporation located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Canada Drugs is owned by Krisjtan Thorkelson. Rockley Ventures, Ltd. (hereinafter "Rockley Ventures"), a Canada Drugs subsidiary, was based in Barbados and was managed in large part by Tom Haughton. Rockley Ventures paid BOTTOMLEY $5 million for MCHS. Canada Drugs, Rockley Ventures, and the related companies retained BOTTOMLEY's company's name, domain name, any stock on hand, and his physician distribution list. While the companies continued to solicit and distribute to BOTTOMLEY's previous customers using his company's name and letter head, the companies significantly increased the number and type of drugs offered to the physicians.
44073 Paul Bottomery Montana Healthcare Solutions Economic - Being the owner of Paul Daniel Bottomley owned a company called Montana Health Care Solutions (MHCS) in Belgrade, Montana. MHCS was opened in 2008 and was sold to Rockley Ventures, Ltd., a division of Canada Drugs, Ltd., in October of 2010.