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    ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
    44087 Evelyn Mayor Logistics - Works in

    Director, Human Resources (Canada Drugs)
    septiembre de 2002 – actualidad (14 años 3 meses)

    44085 Peer Allan Logistics - Works in

    Manager of Software Development (Canada Drugs)
    marzo de 2011 – mayo de 2014 (3 años 3 meses)Winnipeg y alrededores, Canadá
    As the manager of the software development department I was responsible for:
    * The professional development of Software Developers (Junior through Senior)
    * The professional development of Team Supervisors
    * Project Management of multiple Software Development and IT projects using Agile methodologies
    * Reporting the progress of team products to the company
    * Enforce development standards and practices used by the development teams
    * Perform performance appraisals of team members
    * Devise and implement processes to improve the efficiency and productivity of the development teams
    * Develop and maintain strong professional relationships with the other departments of the company
    * Plan, architect, develop and maintain web applications that support the goals of the business
    * Assist the operations team in the planning and implementation of the hardware architecture that supports developed applications
    * Plan the future directions of the business applications and websites in coordination with the senior development team

    44083 Alex Herriot Logistics - Works in

    Chief Operating Officer
    Thorkelson Consulting
    2011 – 2013 (2 años)
    As a key member of the senior executive team, responsible for establishing corporate vision and values, developing corporate strategy, and implementing tactical plans in order to achieve results, I led the operations and IT functions of this global pharmacy retail and wholesale organization through times of growth and significant change. Select achievements include significant operating cost reductions due to improved process, while increasing all client measurable results and employee engagement, ensuring future sustainablity through core bench strength.

    44081 Brock Gunter-Smith Logistics - Works in

    We're an international mail order pharmacy," says the company's chief business development officer, Brock Gunter-Smith. "We started 11 years ago. And we're just like any other pharmacy that you might deal with in your local neighborhood, except we send medications by mail."

    44061 Nimesh Nagarsheth Sinai Medical Center Logistics - Works in

    "People who receive a fake medication instead of Avastin could have lost several months of their lives," said Nimesh Nagarsheth, a New York oncologist who specializes in gynecologic cancers. While patients' responses to Avastin vary, "they definitely deserve a chance to try it," said Dr. Nagarsheth, whose practice, at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, was uninvolved in the episode.