Actor: Abu Hijleh

Relaciones de este actor

ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
43984 Abu Hijleh Al Thulathia Economic- Manager of The manager of the main Palestinian medicines distributor, Abu Hijleh, a former pharmacist who, up to recently, had a permanent Canadian residence permit, was very skilful in selling counterfeit medicines. He particularly talked about access to low-cost treatment in a "humanitarian" spirit (sic) compared with the Israelo-western oppressors.
43975 Abu Hijleh X Logistic - Linked with Questioned by the local security authorities, he acknowledged his links with the Jordanian network for counterfeit medicines.
43973 Abu Hijleh Al Arabi Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases Economic - Recommending treatments with counterfeit medicines at Hijleh ensured that the patients were initially treated with legal medicines, waiting for the temporary improvement brought about by the medicine, then when the risk of relapse appeared, he then proposed counterfeit medicines whose harmfulness was somewhat ‘diluted’ by the foreseeable weakness of the patient in question. .