Relationship Type: Economic - subsidiary of


Relaciones de este tipo

ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
44077 Rockley Ventures Economic - subsidiary of Rockley Ventures, Ltd. (hereinafter "Rockley Ventures"), a Canada Drugs subsidiary, was based in Barbados and was managed in large part by Tom Haughton. Rockley Ventures paid BOTTOMLEY $5 million for MCHS. Canada Drugs, Rockley Ventures, and the related companies retained BOTTOMLEY's company's name, domain name, any stock on hand, and his physician distribution list.
43970 Al Arabi Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases Al Thulathia Economic - subsidiary of Even more serious: the local police saw possible collusion in this illicit trafficking by the Al Arabi Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, a subsidiary of Al Thulathia.