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In April the Security Corps and civil protection of Nigeria (NCSDC) called in 32 pregnant teenagers in a maternity hospital in the city of Umuzuo in the state of Abia. The young women confessed that they have sold their male babies for 100,000 naira (about USD $631) and their female babies for 80,000 naira (USD $505). According to further investigations carried out by the Nigerian police, the owner of the maternity ward had sold boys for 450,000 nairas (USD $2,900) and girls for 400,000 nairas (around USD $2,521 USD dollars) (Diasporaenligne, 2013). AFRIQUE: Trafic d’êtres Humains: Vente des bébés au Nigeria : une pratique menée à l ‘ échelle industrielle, 2013. Available in:

Children trafficking - DRC
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