Coltan Trafficking - DRC

    The Maniema, North and South Kivu provinces, located in the East of DR Congo have been particularly affected by ongoing-armed conflicts for a long period. In 1994, instability in Rwanda and Burundi prompted the migration of a hundred thousand displaced people into the East of the country, which exacerbated the exploitation of natural resources. Reports by the United Nations attested to the support of the activities of belligerents through trafficking of gold, coltan, cassiterite and wolframite. This network represents the structure of interactions between private -domestic and international- mining firms, public servants and militias operating across the East border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Initially based on an expert report by the United Nations, the qualitative data about nodes/agents and interactions was updated with media sources to include facts between 2010 and 2015.


    Actors in this Network

    Name Actor Type Group Betweenness Degree
    COMITRFIC Comptoir- Minerals trading firm 474683.5443038000 8750000.0000000000
    PRINBUMICOP4 Private - International - Business - Mining company 324367.0886075900 10000000.0000000000
    POPAINRWP Political party in Rwanda 316455.6962025300 5000000.0000000000
    ZIARFOZDFZ Zimbabwe armed forces 253164.5569620300 7500000.0000000000
    3373ad9b6aa35a5a281de12e2b74e839EBEE Dealer and transporter of weapons and minerals 158227.8481012700 5000000.0000000000
    PRINBUMICOP2 Private - International - Business - Military company 126582.2784810100 7500000.0000000000
    ARFOOFUGA Armed forces of Uganda 110759.4936708900 7500000.0000000000
    BUB1 Businessman 94936.7088607600 5000000.0000000000
    CODITRC Congolese diamond trader 79113.9240506330 2500000.0000000000
    ZIBUZ Zimbabwean businessman 79113.9240506330 7500000.0000000000
    PRINBUMICOP3 Private - International - Business - Mining company 71202.5316455700 5000000.0000000000
    PRINBUCOTRANEXP Private - International - Business - Coltan trading and exploitation 63291.1392405060 3750000.0000000000
    MASAUGLTM Manager Saracen Uganda Ltd 63291.1392405060 5000000.0000000000
    631492f6380f87a833744c2a626cf394ACA Public-Lt General Uganda People's Defence Force, UPDF 63291.1392405060 5000000.0000000000
    CABAMIANMECOC Canada-based mining and metals company 47468.3544303800 6250000.0000000000
    REMORFCDGRG Rebel movement 47468.3544303800 2500000.0000000000
    PRINBUP5 Private - International - Business 15822.7848101270 2500000.0000000000
    PAFOP Paramilitary Force 15822.7848101270 3750000.0000000000
    6314cb9c37b6c9577227795337ccab7fCODRCCBCCF Public-National Security Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC 15822.7848101270 3750000.0000000000
    SM8 0.0000000000 0.0000000000