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ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
42503 Goldex Unknown illegal Colombian gold mines Buying gold shipments Other cases are the ones where no gold production is reported. According to the authorities, in Magangué town (Bolivar department) between 2010 and 2011 there was not gold production, but Goldex appears buying shipments by COP $40,000 million. Something similar happened in La Guajira and Norte de Santander departments
42476 Goldex Unknown illegal Colombian gold mines Linking ties - allegedly Although there is not evidence of direct links with illegal organizations, in the records of Goldex there is a complete list of mines without license in these towns: Ayapel and Puerto Libertador (Córdoba department), Magangué (Bolívar department), Caucasia y Tarazá (Antioquia department), Montenegro (Quindio department) y Tutunendo (Choco department).