Actor: John Hernández Silva


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ID Actor 1 Actor 2 Tipo Evidencia
42473 John Hernández Silva Jairo Jesús Herrera aka "German Monsalve" or "JJ" Funding armed groups - allegedly

John Hernandez was also captured for allegedly funding armed groups. The investigations have also shown that there are ties between Goldex and Jairo Rendon, aka “German Monsalve”, who is the brother of a famous drug trafficker, Daniel Rendon, the head of “Los Urabeños” criminal band. John Hernandez accepted he had sought COP $13,000 million in gold to Jairo Rendon: “this opened the possibility that behind of the purchase, selling and exportations of this metal, illicit activities could be found”.

42470 John Hernández Silva Goldex Money laundering

John Hernández Silva, owner of the company, was captured for laundering COP $2,3 billion. The verified information allows concluding that the structure of Goldex, as a company, never existed: false suppliers where used and front companies created with names of dead people.