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42478 Martin Emilio Monsalve Goldex Making millionaire transactions irregularly - allegedly

Another captured was Martin Emilio Monsalve, owner of a small trading company in Segovia and Remedios towns (Antioquia department) that made millionaire transactions with Goldex in an allegedly irregular way. In strange conditions, in the audience for filing charges at the Attorney General of Colombia , Monsalve jumped out a window and died. The Prosecutor Office could not impute charges against him: criminal conspiracy, money laundering, forgery of public documents and procedural fraud

42463 Martin Emilio Monsalve Daniel Rendon Herrera aka "Don Mario" Being brother of

John Hernandez was also captured for allegedly funding armed groups. The investigations have also shown that there are ties between Goldex and Jairo Rendon, aka “German Monsalve”, who is the brother of a famous drug trafficker, Daniel Rendon, the head of “Los Urabeños” criminal band