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42490 Comercializadora Internacional Metalor Technologies Illegal gold trading transactions

Other companies that allegedly made transactions with Goldex are: Solid Gold –created in 2003 with a capital of COP $1,000.000 million but it ended invoicing COP $35,000 million; Comercializadora Internacional –who transferred half a million dollars between 2007 and 2011 to Metalor in United States; Comercializadora La Mina and Comercializadora Constantin –who made operations for COP $80,000 million, even without the technical and financial capacity, and Gold and Silver –this company reported purchases by COP $1,400 million to 42 people, but they denied these transactions.

42459 Goldex Metalor Technologies Sending tons of gold

In 2014 the exporting company “Goldex” sent more than 310 tons of gold to Republic “Metals Corporation” (United States) and “Metalor Technologies” (Switzerland), being companies associated to the London Bullion Market Association.